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NEXKIN : ION’s revolutionary Neoprene technology

mercredi 8 janvier 2014

It combines the outstanding warmth and wind chill protection of a skin suit with the great stretch, effortless comfort and durability of double lined neoprene. The outstanding NEXKIN technology is exclusively offered by ION in the wind-water-sports markets worldwide.

Back in the days, skin Neoprene was your choice on the water, since it protected you against cooling by the influence of wind in combination with wet water clothing – what we call wind chill effect. Skin Neoprene is also called “mesh Neoprene” because the Neoprene is enhanced by a surface embossing (usually a fine mesh structure) to improve robustness and tearing strength. It makes the surface more dense, but also reduces the stretch properties and is still pretty vulnerable when it comes to fingernails or other stuff, which could tear up the surface of the suit.

Over the last decades, double layer Neoprene got more and more popular. Instead of using skin Neoprene on the outside, a jersey is laminated on the Neoprene sheets. It protects the Neoprene foam against ripping and makes it more robust than skin Neoprene. Normally it is also more elastic compared to skin Neoprene as it is not embossed on the surface. The downside through is a higher evaporative heat loss when the wet jersey surface is exposed to the wind.

But on rough days most of you still rely on warmer skin Neoprene suits and abandon the more-comfort and durability factor.

At this point ION began to ask themselves : Isn´t it possible to have both : warmth&windprotection AND comfort&durability ? That’s why the ION Neoprene development team contacted the R&D department of the Neoprene manufacturing partner Sheico to combine their technical knowledge with the specific demands and innovative ideas of ION.

After this first effort, three years of meticulously working, testing and optimizing followed, which proved to be very successful and ended with the NEXKIN technology.
The NEXKIN suits themselves were tested in the windy Baltic Sea and at Munich based river Eisbach at 2°C water temperature in several turns before the revolutionary new material suits were cleared for serial production.

For the upcoming season ION offers 3 of their well-known suits as NEXKIN versions for every of you water sports men, who simply want of the best you can buy :

  • The STRIKE NEXKIN : ION´s classic in the wetsuits range, which defines the core values ION stands for – quality combined with a progressive look. The STRIKE is now available as a NEXKIN double lined hybrid version – for those customers looking for a premium warm and elastic multisports suit.
  • Available as Semidry 5/4 HYB
  • The QUANTUM NEXKIN : The exclusive NEXKIN Neoprene technology wrapped in a classical wetsuit design. With a new reduced seam layout, it is the best choice for more mature customers, mainly windsurfers, who definitely want the warmest and most durable skin suit with best stretch possible.
  • Available as Semidry 5/4 SK
  • The ONYX NEXKIN : The top of the range front zip suit in ION´s premium class. A NEXKIN hybrid wetsuit is for all the ambitious riders looking for a super warm suit suitable for surfing as well as other water sports.
  • Available as Semidry 4/3 HYB

- Press info www.ion-products.com

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